Joel Dommett shocked by Sarah Lancashire’s ‘real accent’ at NTAs

Presenter Joel Dommett and viewers of the National Television Awards were in shock after hearing Sarah Lancashire’s real accent.

The Masked Singer host and comedian was presenting during Tuesday (5 September) night’s awards show, which saw the public voting for their favourite series and stars from across the TV industry.

Lancashire was a double winner on the night, earning both the prize for Best Drama Performance for her role in Happy Valley and receiving a Special Recognition award from Ian McKellen.

On BBC crime drama Happy Valley, Lancashire plays police officer Catherine Cawood, who is known for her strong Yorkshire accent. However, as the 58-year-old delivered her speech at the NTAs, Lancashire spoke in a far softer, “posh” accent.

This baffled viewers, who were bemused to learn that Lancashire, who hails from Oldham, does not have Catherine’s Yorkshire accent in real life.

Presenter Dommett, 38, was equally confused, telling the crowd: “Wow, Sarah Lancashire, everybody. That’s how much of an incredible actor she is; I didn’t know that was her real accent. She’s so good.”

Dommett’s thoughts were echoed by viewers, one of whom tweeted: “It goes to show why Sarah Lancashire deserves such an award, but I honestly had no idea she didn’t have a Northern accent!”

Dommett was as perplexed as viewers by Lancashire’s voice (ITV)
Dommett was as perplexed as viewers by Lancashire’s voice (ITV)

“Hearing Sarah Lancashire’s actual accent and not her Yorkshire accent is jarring,” one social media user commented.

“Shocked that Sarah Lancashire doesn’t have a northern accent in real life,” another tweet read.

One commenter added: “Sarah Lancashire is from Oldham apparently. Not sure where that accent is from.”

One tweet read: “Sarah Lancashire is that good an actress that it’s a shock when she doesn’t speak in a Yorkshire accent.”

During the awards show on Tuesday, which took place at London’s O2 Arena, Dommett also made a cheeky jibe at Piers Morgan. The controversial presenter was nominated in the TV interviews category for Piers Morgan Uncensored on Talk TV.

Presenting, Dommett told the crowd, “Piers Morgan is here,” prompting boos and cheers.

Interjecting, Dommett told the crowd: “Hey, everyone, say what you like about Piers Morgan...” He then trailed off and moved on to introduce Louis Theroux without another word about Morgan.

Morgan later responded on Twitter/X, writing that he had been “mocked by a host I’ve never heard of” and “booed by an audience of shrieking banshees”.