Joe Scarborough Yells 'Stop It!' At Biden Administration In Campaign Lecture

Joe Scarborough got fighting mad Tuesday at reports that campaign advisers are telling President Joe Biden not to attack former President Donald Trump. (Watch the video below.)

The “Morning Joe” host even put up his dukes old-style to illustrate how fighting by the rules simply won’t work against Trump.

“Whoever inside the White House is telling Joe Biden not to attack Donald Trump, stop it!” Scarborough barked. “Seriously, stop it.”

“You’re costing the president, you really are,” Scarborough continued. “You’re costing him points. This is a political battle to the end. Donald Trump is trying to destroy Joe Biden.”

Trump now leads Biden in five swing states, according to a New York Times poll, and former Obama campaign architect David Axelrod suggested a few days ago that Biden consider dropping out of the 2024 race.

Scarborough saw a way for Biden to fight back ― and that was to fight “no-holds-barred.”

“And yet ... they’re still trying to debate: ‘Do we play nice in this campaign, or do we actually take it to a guy that stole nuclear secrets, has been accused of being a rapist by a New York judge, and has 91 felony counts against him?’” he said. “It’s not hard. I don’t think this is hard. And I’m not sure who inside the White House is making this hard.”