Joe Lycett ‘shreds £10,000’ after David Beckham fails to respond to Qatar World Cup ultimatum

Joe Lycett has appeared to shred £10,000 after David Beckham refused to pull out of his reported £10 million World Cup deal.

Last week, the stand-up comedian issued an ultimatum to David Beckham over his involvement in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Lycett said that he would give £10,000 to charities that support gay people in football if Beckham ended his alleged multi-million deal over the country’s stance on LGBT+ issues. It is illegal to be gay in Qatar.

If Beckham did not do so, Lycett said he would shred the £10,000 (£1,000 for every £1m allegedly earned by the former England player) and live stream it on Sunday (20 November) at midday on the website

Beckham did not acknowledge Lycett’s challenge, but said on Thursday (17 November) that the World Cup would be a “platform for progress”.

As the date drew closer, Lycett’s fans were divided about the stunt.

Some said that while the comedian’s point was valid, he should donate the money to charity instead.

Others, however, argued that the £10,000 was a mere drop in the ocean compared to Beckham’s reported deal and that asking Lycett to donate the money was missing the point.

Joe Lycett curtsied, then left the livestream (Joe Lycett)
Joe Lycett curtsied, then left the livestream (Joe Lycett)

At 12pm on Sunday, the event was livestreamed, with Lycett appearing by the pile of cash in a tulle jacket in the colours of the Pride Progress flag.

Without speaking, the Birmingham native simply picked up the cash and threw the piles into the shredder. He then gave a curtsy and walked off.

Sharing the clip on social media, Lycett simply wrote: “A platform for progress” in direct reference to Beckham’s comment.