Joe Lycett left red-faced while reading rude comments during live TV prank

Joe Lycett was left red-faced on the finale of Late Night Lycett, as he was pranked with a last-minute autocue change that forced him into reading rude comments.

The five-part live series concluded on Friday night (28 April) with guests Katherine Ryan, Rosie Jones and Richard E Grant.

A recurring segment on the irreverent programme involved Lycett taking on the persona of a right-wing news anchor named Richard Yewtree for a news bulletin.

One of Lycett’s guests would join “Yewtree” in reading the news autocue, filled with offensive declarations. Past figures who’ve read unfortunate statements as part of this running gag include Rob Delaney and Greg James.

However, in Friday’s episode, Lycett got a taste of his own medicine. He was presented with an autocue he’d not seen before the broadcast, and was forced to read out ignorant comments similar to those he’d pranked others with.

“Controversial straight-talking presenter Richard Yewtree was sensationally fired on air this evening,” a clearly surprised Lycett, dressed as Yewtree, read out.

After handing the costume over to Katherine Ryan, now playing new host Kathy Yewtree, explained the change in circumstances.

“Pathetic, d***head, useless comedian Joe Lycett has been tricking his guests into reading offensive s**t on TV,” Ryan/Kathy announced.

“Now, he’s been given something he’s never seen in the autocue and being forced to read it out. Your thoughts, Joe?”

Joe Lycett is surprised live on air (Channel 4)
Joe Lycett is surprised live on air (Channel 4)

As Lycett, 34, laughed in shock, the studio audience cheered and applauded at seeing the comic, famous for his stunts, in a rare instance where he doesn’t have the upper hand.

Lycett then goes on to read the autocue, filled with explicit comments about himself and (false) criminal accusations.

“You b*****ds,” Lycett laughed.

Elsewhere in the programme, Paul Chuckle of the Chuckle Brothers took part in a chaotic corner shop run that concluded in the shop “getting condemned by Birmingham Council”.