Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner slam 'speculative narratives' around their divorce. Here's what we know.

The singer and "Game of Thrones" actress released a joint statement about their split after four years of marriage.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's divorce has the internet in overdrive. (Shutterstock)

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have released a joint statement about their divorce after four years of marriage — as nasty narratives around the split emerge.

Posted to both their Instagram accounts on Wednesday is the same message: "After four wonderful years of marriage, we have mutually decided to amicably end our marriage. There are many speculative narratives as to why, but truly this is a united decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children." The comments are turned off on their respective posts.

The joint effort of Jonas, 34, and Turner, 27, on the statement comes amid a flurry of unnamed sources fueling speculative stories about the breakup to a number of outlets. Largely they've had a negative slant toward the Game of Thrones actress while painting the middle member of the Jonas Brothers as the steady caretaker of the couple's two young children. The couple, who started dating in 2016 after he slid into her DMs when she was 20 and he was 27, have been married since 2019.

TMZ was the first outlet to report that a split was imminent over the weekend, noting that Jonas was shopping around for a divorce attorney. An unnamed source claimed the marriage has been in trouble for six months, but over the last three, Jonas cared for their two daughters "pretty much all of the time," even though his band was touring in the U.S. Not noted was that Turner was shooting the six-part ITV crime drama Joan in the U.K., on and off between May and September.

But on Wednesday, a source confirmed to People that Turner's job is the reason the girls had been with him more.

"It's just been easier because she's been working for the kids to be with him because there's some more support at home and on the road with his family," the unnamed source said. "It's something they both agreed was best."

TMZ further suggested the problem was that Turner "likes to party" while Jonas "likes to stay at home." That was followed up with a cryptic and suggestive report that Ring camera audio or video is a factor in the split, and Jonas "captured Sophie saying and/or doing something that made him realize the marriage was over."

Other outlets have been running with the "Turner likes to party" narrative. Entertainment Tonight reported that Turner did a Jägerbomb shot at the Joan wrap party, held at Dropshot Digbet in Birmingham, England, over the weekend. Photos showed Turner behind the bar, with a bunch of other people, and holding up a single drink glass. Another source told the outlet that "Joe has also been caring for their kids a lot."

DailyMail had the same wrap party photos with reporting about Turner's "wild" night "downing shots" and noting that her "partying took a toll on their marriage." She reportedly felt "trapped in her marriage" and wanted "to relive her youth" after getting married in 2019 at age 23, according to mystery sources.

An insider told celeb-friendly People that Jonas and Turner "haven't gotten along in a while" and spent "the whole summer apart," save what appeared to be a happy reunion in NYC in August. "As far as custody goes, this literally all just happened, so they're figuring it out in real time... As a family, they were based in Florida. The kids were with him the last few months, traveling with him with family while he's been on tour. Sophie's been working in the U.K."

Jonas's own divorce petition, filed in Miami Dade County, Fla., included a line suggesting that maybe Turner wasn't around. It said the children have been residing with Jonas in Miami and other locations throughout the country, but that "it is in the best interests of the minor children that the parties have shared parental responsibility." Tom Sasser, who handled Tiger Woods’s divorce, is reportedly Jonas's attorney.

The petition also revealed that Jonas and Turner have a prenup — obtained before eloping in Las Vegas in 2019 before celebrating with a bigger wedding in France — which is described by The Blast as "ironclad." The Jonas Brothers have long been big earners, working since childhood, and his net worth has been estimated around $50 million to her $10 million. Of note, the petition also revealed the initials of couple's younger daughter as "D.J." as they never shared her name publicly. They are also parents to 3-year-old Willa.

What's been making the narrative about Turner being a party girl confusing to fans as the internet stews over the flurry of reports over the last 24 hours is that she's a self-described homebody. During quarantine, she told Conan O'Brien, "I'm an introvert. I'm a homebody. I'm just like, if I could stay home all day, I would, so this is great for me." In the same conversation, she called Jonas "a real social butterfly" and said she "struggle[s] to lock him down and have him just spend time with me. It's like prison for him, but it's great for me." The couple also agreed she was the homebody in their relationship in a TikTok.

Turner has been notoriously protective of their children, lashing out at the paparazzi after they snapped and sold pictures of Willa when she was 10 months. She's called motherhood "my favorite job I've ever had." She's also spoken about wanting to move back to the U.K. to raise their children, telling Elle UK last year, “I miss England so much. The people, the attitude, everything. I’m slowly dragging my husband back. I really love living in America but, for my mental health, I have to be around my friends and my family."