Joe Biden taunts Lauren Boebert with two-word response

Joe Biden taunts Lauren Boebert with two-word response

Joe Biden taunted Lauren Boebert with a two-word response after being asked why the Republican lawmaker switched congressional seats following his visit to her district last year.

Boebert, a far-right Republican, announced in December that she would be switching districts in Colorado to run in what is considered to be a safer, more conservative seat after a string of scandals over the past year.

The decision came shortly after the president, who she has heavily criticized, visited her district.

“Just a few weeks after you were in Pueblo, Colorado, Congresswoman Boebert left her district. Is that a coincidence or Dark Brandon at work?” a reporter from media outlet, MeidasTouch, asked Mr Biden last week.

“That’s classified,” he quipped in response.

Lauren Boebert announced in December she would be switching congressional districts (AP)
Lauren Boebert announced in December she would be switching congressional districts (AP)

In 2022, Rep Boebert heckled the president during his State of the Union address over the 13 US service members who died in an attack during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. This happened while Mr Biden was speaking about battlefield conditions that may contribute to veterans’ developing cancer.

Her remark came just before Mr Biden spoke about his son Beau Biden, who served in Iraq and died of brain cancer in 2015.

In 2023, Boebert slammed Biden for his so-called “war on on fossil fuels and his Green New Deal agenda which have cost the great people of Colorado’s 3rd District dearly.”

Her remarks came after Mr Biden referred to her as “one of the leaders of (the) extreme MAGA movement” during a speech in her district.

Ms Boebert previously held what was considered a safe Republican seat in Colorado’s third district, with pollsters FiveThirtyEight predicting that she would win in 2022 by nearly 14 percentage points.

However, she failed to win over voters and defeated Democratic challenger Adam Frisch by only a narrow margin.

Ms Boebert then switched her campaign to an even safer seat in Colorado’s fourth district for the 2024 election, avoiding a likely rematch with Mr Frisch.

In a bizarre interview in January, Ms Boebert blamed “Hollywood elites” including singer Barbra Streisand and actor Ryan Reynolds for her decision to switch districts after the celebs donated $1,000 and $500 to Mr Frisch’s campaign respectively.

Those sums made up approximately 0.03 per cent of Mr Frisch’s $7.7m campaign fund.

Despite Ms Boebert’s move, early polls suggest she may be struggling in the fourth district, with one putting her in fifth place.

Ms Boebert has been dogged by personal scandals over the past year. In September, she was ejected from a performance of the musical Beetlejuice due to inappropriate behavior after she was seen vaping and groping her date during the performance.

She has also faced several family issues, including divorce and the arrest of her adult son on trespass and theft charges earlier this year.