Joe Biden Prevails in the 2020 Election, and Twitter Has an Explosive Reaction

Chelsey Sanchez
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Photo credit: Rick Loomis - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rick Loomis - Getty Images

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It's official: Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

After a heated and drawn out election season, a period amplified by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and a summer of nationwide protests against anti-Blackness and police brutality, the Democratic contender has emerged as the victor of the 2020 presidential election.

Biden's win follows a four-day period in which critical states could not yet call election results since they were still counting ballots, a process delayed by the record-high numbers of voters opting for mail-in ballots this year. Although Trump and his supporters accused officials of undergoing election fraud and demanded an immediate end to the counting of mail-in ballots, Biden persevered in the end. As reported by The Guardian, it was Biden's victory in Pennsylvania that took his campaign over the finish line, helping his electoral college vote jump to 284.

"It is the will of the voters, no one else, that chooses the president of the United States of America," Biden said on Wednesday in a speech meant to urge supporters to stay calm, per PBS. "I ask all people to stay calm, the process is working, the count is being completed and we’ll know very soon."

Unsurprisingly, Twitter reacted to the news explosively. While some are celebrating the end of President Donald Trump's reign in the White House, others are clamoring to push Biden further to the left on hot-button issues like climate justice, policing, and healthcare.

Throughout it all, humor persists. Below, the best tweets about the United States's new president.

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