Joe Biden accidentally calls UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ‘Mr President’

US President Joe Biden accidentally called UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “Mr President” as the two met in the Oval Office of The White House during Mr Sunak’s two-day visit to Washington, DC.

“Well Mr President ...I just demoted you, Mr Prime Minister,” Mr Biden said as he quickly corrected himself.

Mr Biden assured Mr Sunak that the US-UK special relationship is in “real good shape” and that the US has no “closer ally than Great Britain,” adding that he was “delighted” to see the prime minister in the US capital.

Mr Sunak welcomed Mr Biden’s “warm words” and lauded the “strength of our partnership, our friendship”.

“We will put our values front and centre as we’ve always done,” he said.

Mr Biden mentioned that Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt met in the very same place more than seven decades before.

“They asserted to the strength of the partnership between Great Britain and the United States with the strength of the free world. I still think there’s truth to that assertion,” he said.

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