Jodie Turner-Smith shows off her flawless backside in cheeky nude photo: 'The cat that got the cream'

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Jodie Turner-Smith is letting the cat outta the bag — figuratively speaking.

The British actress and model shared a series of romantic photos with her dapper husband, Canadian-American actor Joshua Jackson, as the couple geared up for Critics' Choice Awards, which Mar. 13.

Jodie Turner-Smith and her husband Joshua Jackson stole the show at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards
Jodie Turner-Smith and her husband Joshua Jackson stole the show at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards. (Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

“The cat that got the cream,” she cheekily captioned the photos displaying her unclothed backside as Jackson caresses her from behind. She also shared a few photos of the couple getting glammed up for the evening.

The images welcomed a slew of love from fans, including from Jackson: “You’re talking about me right?” he joked in the comments. “I’m the cat that got the cream…because…wow.”

Of course, that evening Jackson was nominated for Best Actor in a Limited Series for his role in Mr. Death. While it was the first time the couple graced the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Awards, their chemistry was unmatched and did not go unnoticed.

“The highlight was doing this with my husband, being there in support of his CCA nomination,” Turner-Smith told Vogue of the experience.

“We had a gorgeous suite at the Waldorf-Astoria in Beverly Hills, and getting glammed there together was a dream," she continued. "[It's] these little moments, small things are the memories that we’ll carry with us always, and we are so lucky to get to do what we do and that we have each other to share it with is the best part.”

Jackson also chronicled the evening on his own account.

“What a night!" he wrote. "Great to be out again with my community and most of all with my gorgeous wife for @criticschoice.”

Turner-Smith has been wowing audiences lately, in particular as the first Black actress to play Anne Boleyn, the doomed 16th-century English queen and second bride of Henry VIII, on the AMC+ miniseries, Anne Boleyn.

When speaking to Yahoo Entertainment, the actress made no qualms in hiding how proud she was to be playing such an iconic historical figure.

“Obviously our aim was not historical accuracy," she said last December. "Our aim was to tell an emotional human story, and that meant that any actor could play the role. And isn't it wonderful to finally see actors of color telling these emotional stories that for so long there was only room for white actors to tell? That's how I feel, and I think that many other people feel that way. And the people that don't feel that way were never going to watch the series anyway!"