JoAnna Garcia Swisher Addresses Whether Maddie and Bill Will Get Back Together

Amanda Garrity
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The cliffhanger at the end of the Sweet Magnolias season finale ignited a passionate response from fans — and actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher, who plays Maddie, totally gets it.

When filming the car accident scene, JoAnna and the rest of the cast were also "a little shook," especially since the "idea that Maddie's child was in that car was just so horrifying." But just like viewers at home, the cast filmed the entire scene not knowing who else was in the car with Kyle. In fact, they're just as clueless even week's after its release: "Actually, I've asked to not know, at least for the next month, so I can be in it with everybody else," JoAnna tells

Photo credit: Netflix

While everyone's talking about the dramatic ending and the season 2 renewal rumors, JoAnna points out that the fan's vested interest in Maddie's potential reconciliation with Bill totally caught her off-guard. "It really surprised me that fans are actually wondering if I'll choose Bill or Cal. It's something that I never even imagined that people would be contemplating." In her eyes, Bill "has a long way to go," since ya know, he completely lost her trust (and that's putting it lightly).

If Netflix renews the show for another season, she has a laundry list of asks — as both a cast member and fan. Along with more margarita scenes ("They're by far my favorite. It's the idea that you can feel free to check anything at the door, and be exactly who you are," she says.), her hope is that season 2 dives into Helen and Erik's relationship ("They're chemistry is beyond," she says.), as well as Ronnie and Dana Sue's past ("There's definitely an unpacking of Dana Sue's heart that we need to see," she says.).

Photo credit: Netflix

More than anything, she's eager to explore her character's complicated relationship with Noreen. "I feel like there's something there, especially knowing that she had such an effect on my middle son (Kyle). As a mom, there's no way to not address that," she explains. With that, she acknowledges that a newfound relationship with Noreen may bring even more pain, especially since there's a "member of the family coming to Serenity." In many ways, JoAnna thinks this is "going to bring on another grief for Maddie."

No matter which direction showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson decides to take Sweet Magnolias, JoAnna makes it clear that she'll be along for the ride. "It's the type of show that you can't write off — we have to do a second season." Point taken.

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