Joanna Gaines's Genius Trick for Faking a High-End Kitchen (PureWow)
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Think about it: Do you ever see a microwave or an immersion blender in a magazine spread? Nope. Because let's be real—even the really nice ones aren't all that nice to look at. In custom homes, they're usually cleverly concealed and/or integrated into the kitchen design. Joanna Gaines gets this...

In her fabulous new coffee table book, Homebody, Jo suggests a simple fix for ye olde "exposed appliances" conundrum: Stashing the microwave "away in the pantry or a cabinet along with any other small appliances that aren't used every day."

To increase ease of use, she then recommends hiring "an electrician to install an extra outlet in these spaces." (Think: Adding a convenient outlet in your pantry, or just below the cupboard where you store your coffeemaker.) By simply hiding your appliances away, you can create the illusion of a totally bespoke kitchen.

Hey, fake it 'til you make it, baby.

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