Jimmy Kimmel Rips Prominent GOP Members: ‘Shameless, Worthless Grifters and Leeches’ (Video)

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After joking that his show was on mute in Buffalo Wild Wings establishments across the country, as a result of airing after the Celtics and Warriors NBA Finals kick-off game on Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel turned his monologue to focus on several members of the GOP.

Among those who got the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” monologue treatment were Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Jr.

Greene was ripped by Kimmel for her recent rant that included transphobic comments.

“And happy Pride month to you, Marjorie. Vile, disgusting yellow-headed melted donkey from ‘Shrek,'” Kimmel called the Congressperson after playing a clip of Greene’s video, which, according to Business Insider, was taken down from Facebook for violating the company’s guidelines and policies.

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“There has to be a backstory for that,” Kimmel continued of her headline-making comments.

“Why is she so angry at gay people? Marjorie Taylor Greene believes in traditional marriage: one husband, one wife, one personal trainer and one tantric sex guru and that’s that,” he joked.

Up next, Kimmel turned his attention to Sarah Palin, who recently appeared on Jesse Watters’ Fox News show, where she claimed Democrats want to “wipe out the middle class,” describing the group as “the mom and pop Joe six-packs. Us peons.”

“Says the woman Zooming in from what appears to be a 9,000 square foot home. Joe six pack!?” Kimmel asked, noting the large, open plan area behind Palin during her interview segment.

“The hypocrisy, they don’t even try to hide it anymore,” he continued. “I guess they don’t need to hide it. Nobody seems to notice.”

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Finally, Kimmel found a bone to pick with Donald Trump Jr.

“He’s always talking about China. Very anti-China, ‘My father was tough on China,’ ‘Hunter Biden’s in bed with China.’ Well, I happened to be scrolling through his website because this is what I do. He’s got the online store and really some wonderful products, like this, F Joe Biden hat that is quote ‘designed and embroidered in the USA,'” Kimmel said showing a screengrab of the DTJ merch page.

“It may have been designed and embroidered here, but we ordered one of the hats and … you’re not gonna believe this, it was actually made in, oh how about that? China,” Kimmel said as the camera zoomed in on the label of the T-shirt he said his show ordered from the site.

After showing a few additional items, Kimmel summed up his GOP-related rant by calling them all out.

“Shameless, worthless grifters and leeches is what these people are, and remember that beacuse it’s the little things,” Kimmel said.

You can watch his whole monologue above.

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