Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Epic Prank On George Santos With Some ‘Ridiculous’ Cameo Requests

Jimmy Kimmel mocked former Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) using a series of made-up stories after the ousted congressman began a new Cameo gig offering personalized video messages for $500 per recording.

The serial liar, who initially set his asking price for videos at $75 a pop, has taken to the platform since his expulsion from the House and found “a path to making a living that dwarfs” his $174,000 salary as a congressman, according to Semafor.

Kimmel, on Thursday, deemed Santos’ newfound work a “dilemma.”

He quipped, “On one hand, you hate to give money to a guy like George Santos, but on the other, eh, pretty good chance he has your credit card information already.”

Kimmel went on to reveal that he sent Santos a number of “ridiculous” requests on the platform to find out whether the ex-congressman would fall for the goofy asks.

Santos, in several Cameo videos, did just that.

“Hey Brenda, I wanted to congratulate you on successfully cloning your beloved schnauzer, Adolf. I know it was a lot of trials and tribulations, but you finally did it,” said Santos of a made-up story involving a doctor who “went through a lot of dogs in the trial runs.”

Santos added, “Now you get to enjoy Adolf and be happy, so give him a belly rub for me. Mwah.”

You can watch more of Kimmel’s Cameo prank beginning around the 7:25 mark in the clip below.