Jimmy Kimmel mocks Donald Trump for Oscars rant, reveals he may now host ceremony again

Jimmy Kimmel may host the Oscars a fifth time just to spite former President Donald Trump.

Kimmel and Stephen Colbert both tore into Trump on their respective late-night shows Wednesday after the former president ranted against the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host and confused him with Al Pacino in the process.

In a Truth Social post on Wednesday, Trump ripped Kimmel for the way he presented best picture at the Oscars in March, even though it was Pacino who handed out the award. So on his late-night show that evening, Kimmel devoted nearly 10 minutes to fact-checking Trump's post line-by-line, declaring it was so incorrect that "maybe we should be worried about him."

"The person who presented the award (for best picture) was Al Pacino, not me," Kimmel, who hosted the Academy Awards, pointed out. "We are different people. Now, don't get me wrong, I wish I was Al Pacino. I'm just not. He's Al Pacino, I'm me. You'd think (Trump) would know that because I'm pretty sure 'say hello to my little friend' is what he said to Stormy Daniels that got him in all this trouble."

Jimmy Kimmel fired back at Donald Trump after the former president posted about his performance as host of the Oscars in March.
Jimmy Kimmel fired back at Donald Trump after the former president posted about his performance as host of the Oscars in March.

Kimmel joked that Trump may have "dreamed" him presenting best picture during one of his "courtroom siestas," referring to reports that the former president appeared to be sleeping during his New York criminal trial this week.

Donald Trump slams Jimmy Kimmel for Oscars flub, seemingly mixing him up with Al Pacino

Trump had also attacked Kimmel for reading one of his Truth Social posts on air at the Oscars. Kimmel, in turn, mocked Trump for still caring about the awards show five weeks after the fact, suggesting his joke "really must have gotten to him." In response to Trump calling him the worst Oscars emcee ever, Kimmel also claimed he has been asked to host the awards show again in 2025, "which I wasn't planning to do, but now I might."

Jimmy Kimmel fires back after Trump slams 'boring' Oscars: 'Isn't it past your jail time?'

"Maybe you can watch on the TV in the rec room at Rikers," Kimmel told Trump.

Meanwhile, on CBS' "The Late Show," fellow late-night host Colbert mocked Trump for being "obsessed with the Academy Awards from five weeks ago," praising Kimmel for doing an "incredible job" as Oscars host and telling the former president, "You keep my friend Jimmy Kimmel's name out of your weird little wet mouth!"

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Jimmy Kimmel suggests he may host Oscars again to spite Donald Trump