Jimmy Kimmel brutally shuts down Marjorie Taylor Greene’s request to be on his show

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel roasted Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene after the congresswoman requested to be on his show.

Rep Greene sarcastically asked Mr Kimmel if she could go on his show in a thinly-veiled effort to promote her new book, MTG.

“Hey @jimmykimmel since most of your show content is your nonstop lies about me, why don’t you have me on your show? I’ll bring you a copy of my book and we can chat about what needs to happen to SAVE AMERICA!” she tweeted on 22 November.

But Mr Kimmel did not seem receptive to the idea on Monday night.

“I guess I’m a Hollywood libtard that’s part of the celebrity pedophile Satan club,” he joked. “Until she has a book to promote, then ‘I’d love to swing by!’”

The host went on to remind of their bitter spat last year. Mr Kimmel had kicked off the row by calling Ms Greene “Klan mom” and asking “Where’s Will Smith when you need him?” - a nod to Mr Smith’s notorious Oscars slap - in response to her saying that anyone who supported Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was “pro-pedophile”.

Ms Greene replied by saying she had reported Mr Kimmel’s “threat of violence” to the US Capitol police.

“This woman called the police on me for a joke, and now she wants to be a guest on the show,” Mr Kimmel said Monday.

“Though I have to admit, part of me wants to invite her here so I can let her wait for an hour down in the green room doing power squats—and then bump her. Even just to screw with Matt Damon it would be fun. But I also don’t want rabies so...”

A long-running gag on the show involves Mr Damon waiting in the green room for a chance to appear, only to be bumped at the last minute.

During Monday night’s show, Mr Kimmel also quipped that Ms Greene took “a break from burning books to write one” before breaking down just how poorly the Georgia congresswoman’s book is selling, noting that it’s “ranked number 65 in the Women’s Biography category” behind “a book written by Kanye’s ex-girlfriend,” two different Michelle Obama memoirs and 60 places behind Paris Hilton’s Paris the Memoir.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene’s book is such a bomb, I might have to report it to the Capitol Police,” he joked.

Ms Greene is one of Mr Kimmel’s favourite targets on his show. Last week, he called her out for what he described as her “dumbest idea yet” following the release of her new book.

The late-night host gave viewers a hilarious run-down of its contents, saying: “It’s got some revisionist history, it’s got conspiracy theories, it’s got Jewish space lasers, and of course Marje’s famous recipe for Gazpacho Police in a petri dish, which is getting a lot of negative views online, which I guess is what happens when you tell your supporters that reading makes them gay.”

Meanwhile, in 2021, Mr Kimmel made Ms Greene look like Hitler on his show and criticised her apology for comments she made in which she compared Covid mask mandates to the Holocaust, saying there is “no comparison” between the two.