Jillian Michaels says she isn't going to restrict what her kids can eat

Jillian Michaels is taking a light touch when it comes to what her kids eat.

The former Biggest Loser coach spoke to Bobbi Brown on her iHeartRadio podcast The Important Things, where she shared that she doesn’t over-monitor what her children Lukensia, 12, and Phoenix, 10, decide to eat.

“My ex and I have decided, we’re both going to be like, ‘Look, it’s your body. We’ve told you all we can tell you. We’ve made recommendations to do what we do. But you’re going to do what you’re going to do,’” she explained of co-parenting with former partner, Heidi Rhoades. “Now look, if it's drugs, if it's alcohol, if it's, you know, sex at a young age, obviously we're going to … get super aggressive about protecting them — but with food, they’ll just go to camp, or they'll just go to their friend's house. They'll just go to the vending machine at school — and how do I know? Because they do and they have.”

Instead, the trainer said she makes it a priority to keep “healthy food” in the house.

“I don't carry blue gummy candy in my house,” she added. “When my son goes to ITSUGAR with his friend and the friend's mom to go see a movie, and he comes home and his tongue's blue — it's like, ‘Oh my buddy, come on. Can't we do like the organic Yummy Bears? I'm like, this stuff on your tongue is not food.’”

Michaels, who earlier this year came under fire for criticizing Lizzo’s weight, appeared in 2020 at Yahoo’s Reset Your Mindset event to talk about how people can take control of their health during a pandemic.

“I keep a ton of messages and comments on social media and in app forums that people are stress eating and I get it,” she said at the time. “It’s normal to do that when we feel out of control or when we feel stressed or anxious or sad or mad or bored, and I'm sure we're all feeling all of those things. What I want you to do when that happens is pause. Get out of that impulsive state of mind where you're reacting emotionally, right? Pause and say, OK, I'm at the fridge again. Am I actually hungry?”

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