Jill Biden Grabs Vegan Protester Who Storms Stage During Her Husband's Super Tuesday Speech

Jill Biden and a top Biden aide stopped a vegan protester who stormed the stage at the former vice president’s Super Tuesday speech on March 3 in Los Angeles.

The protester was one of two activists who stormed the stage shouting and holding signs that read “let dairy die” before they were quickly removed.

A security guard stopped one protester, not seen in this video, before the other protester rushed onto the stage.

The second protester was stopped by Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s wife, who grabbed the activist by her wrists before Biden senior adviser Symone D Sanders and security guards dragged the activist off the stage.

The uploader of this video of the event told Storyful, “I’m shocked the former vice president doesn’t have a security detail.”

The uploader told Storyful the incident was surprising and scary as the protesters “seemed to come out of nowhere.”

Direct Action Everywhere, an international group of animal rights activists, identified the protesters as two of their members, Sarah Segal and Ashley Froud. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful