Jharkhand govt demands special trains from Centre to bring people back from other states

Ranchi (Jharkhand) [India], April 30 (ANI): After the Centre's green signal to the movement of migrant workers, students and stranded people at various places, Jharkhand government has demanded special trains so people could be brought back home.

According to a statement released by the state health minister's office, around 9 lakh people will return to their state.

"Jharkhand government does not have transport facilities and resources at such a big scale. And arranging resources is not possible. Hence, Prime Minister should take cognisance of this and allow people to return home through special trains without charging any fare," said state health minister Banna Gupta.

Right after the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) allowed the movement of migrants, Jharkhand Chief Minister appointed a group of nodal officers who are working on a specific action plan for stranded people.

Gupta also said that the state health department is ready to conduct tests for all who will return home.

"They will be monitored through Arogya Setu application. Screening and testing facilities will be made at every block and division level. However, it will require a huge quantity of medical kits and infrastructure," the minister added.

"Since people in large numbers will return, demand for medical kits and infrastructure will shoot up tremendously. Therefore, we demand that the Centre should provide us with all the necessary medical kits in abundance. And announce economic relief packages for the betterment of the state," he further said.

Jharkhand government is already providing food to needy people through the Chief Minister's Daal Bhat Centers and Didi kitchens. These are being further strengthened to meet the food demand likely to increase in the coming days.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Wednesday allowed movement of such people - including migrant labours, workers, students, tourists and others - and provided the procedure for the same. (ANI)