Jets will start Joe Flacco against Ravens in one of Week 1's many 'revenge' games

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Mark your calendars, NFL fans. Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season features one of the most anticipated revenge games of all time. Joe Flacco will get the start for the New York Jets as the team takes on his former club, the Baltimore Ravens.

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OK, so that's hyperbole. Yes, it's technically a "revenge" game, but it's not like Flacco left the Ravens on bad terms. It's also not a situation where Flacco made the Ravens pay for moving on. Since leaving the team, Flacco has mostly been a backup.

Flacco, 37, was expected to get the call after second-year quarterback Zach Wilson injured his knee in the preseason. There were reports Wilson was getting close to a return, but it appears he will need a few more weeks.

Flacco will start in Week 1, coach Robert Saleh announced Wednesday. Wilson isn't expected to return until Week 4.

The Flacco "revenge" game isn't the most enticing one on the schedule in Week 1, but it is notable. Flacco has not played against the Ravens since leaving the team following the 2018 NFL season. Flacco led Baltimore to a Super Bowl win in 2012. Sunday's game isn't in Baltimore, but Flacco likely would have received a cheer from fans for his contributions to the franchise.

Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield have bigger 'revenge' games

If you were hoping for a contentious "revenge" narrative, you're in luck. Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers will take on the Cleveland Browns in Week 1. Mayfield was traded to Carolina after the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, who is suspended for Week 1. Jacoby Brissett will start for Cleveland with Watson out. Mayfield should be fired up to prove the Browns made a huge mistake letting him go.

Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos close out Week 1 by taking on the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson's relationship with the Seahawks deteriorated in recent years, leading to his trade to Denver in the offseason. Wilson reportedly wanted to throw more in Seattle and felt like the team played too conservative on offense. He could be out to prove a point during Monday's game.

Joe Flacco with the Jets.
Joe Flacco will start against the Ravens on Sunday. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)