Jet Skier Races Pod of Dolphins on 'Epic' Ride

A jet skier in Auckland has shared her recent encounter with a dolphin pod, and the thrill she experienced when one of the curious animals jumped right over her head.

Zoe Teikamata can be seen in the first few seconds of the video getting back into her car, visibly awe-struck by the experience. The dream-like footage then shows a pod of dolphins race along with her, before one of them jumps right over her.

Teikamata told Storyful that it was her first encounter with dolphins. “I received a message from a jet ski company telling me there [were] dolphins in Auckland Harbour on the Sunday morning … I found the pod of 20 dolphins.”

She said: “I was with them the whole day from the city to Rangitoto Island. They were very friendly and wanted to race my jet ski plenty of times.”

In an interview with Newshub, Teikamata called the experience “epic”. Credit: Zoe Teikamata via Storyful

Video transcript