Jesse Palmer Says He's Finally Found the 'Rhythm' of Parenthood Ahead of His First Father's Day (Exclusive)

The 'Bachelor' host welcomed his first baby in January

<p>Jesse Palmer/Instagram</p> Jesse Palmer and his family.

Jesse Palmer/Instagram

Jesse Palmer and his family.

Jesse Palmer can't wait to celebrate his first Father's Day as a dad.

The Bachelor host, 45, who became a dad earlier this year when he welcomed daughter Ella Reine with wife Emely Fardo, 38, has settled into his newest role — but there's one thing he still hasn't experienced: Father's Day.

"I'm super excited," Palmer tells PEOPLE of celebrating the summer holiday. "We are going to be in New York City together as a family. New York holds a very near and dear place in my heart. I lived there for 21 years, ever since the days that I played on the New York Giants."

Palmer, who played quarterback for the New York football team, is excited to show his newly minted family of three the big city. "It's going to be great [to be there] together as a family," he says.

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Since becoming a dad, Palmer has been able to experience so many special firsts with his 5-month-old daughter, from her first laugh to her first time "rolling from her back over under her tummy." But there's one moment in particular that stands out to the proud dad.

"I can swear to God, there was a day recently where it sounded like Ella actually said her name, Ella. It might've just been a complete phonetic miracle, but it's like she actually said it," Palmer recalls. "And my wife and I, we paused and we stared at each other for about five seconds in utter disbelief of what we just heard."

The new dad raves that his daughter has also been doing a lot of other "really, really sweet things."

"It feels like every day there's a new first, which is why I think being present and being together so much is so important," Palmer explains. "So you could be there to be a part of as many of those as you can."

As a proud dad on television, one way Palmer hopes to connect with his family is through the silver screen itself. The Bachelor host is partnering with Tablo, a first-of-its-kind DVR device where users can watch and record local channels and free ad-supported TV channels without paying for cable.

"I think Tablo is a great gift for Father's Day," Palmer shares. "It's just a great thing for fathers and mothers who are really, really busy, especially with kids, who are obviously very busy throughout the course of the day and they're chasing around kids and taking care of their kids."

"It's kind of a great way for them to be able to watch, pause and record a lot of their favorite broadcast TV shows subscription-free."

Palmer is no stranger to the chaos of parenthood and admits that he wasn't surprised at how challenging the transition to becoming a dad would be. But what continues to shock him is how much he thinks about his daughter during the day.

"I always expected it's your daughter, you're going to think about her a lot. But I catch myself all the time daydreaming, thinking about Ella when I'm at work, when I'm traveling," Palmer shares with PEOPLE. "You're reminiscing on things they've done, you're trying to plan ahead for things that you want to do or need to do as a parent."

While he's often away for work, Palmer says that when he's home, he tries to help out as much as he can, and prioritizes spending time with his baby girl.

"The basic rule of thumb for me is just try to do as much as I possibly can," he says. "So when we are together and I am home, I try to change as many diapers as I can, I try to wash as many and clean as many bottles as I can, swaddle as often as I can, soothe as often as I can when she's down napping."

"Emely is far and away the better feeder and she also does most of the baths, but I've started to do more of that," Palmer continues. "Emely and I have found our rhythm. We've also traveled a lot with Ella. With The Bachelorette filming, we were all over the world and brought Ella everywhere we went."

Palmer says he and his wife are great at communicating, which makes the whole transition easier. "Because we're both new parents, we're literally learning on the fly at the same time. As you can imagine, we're experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions."

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