At a Jerusalem comedy show, laughter is therapy

STORY: Location: Jerusalem

Palestinian American comedian Amer Zahr

is on a mission to heal through humor

Date: August 25, 2022

(Comedian Amer Zahr)

"We need to make sure that we show the world that Palestinians love to laugh, we love life, we love art, and also show the world that we also know how to laugh, you know this is very important, and laughter is therapy man.”

Zahr started bringing fellow Arab-American

comedians from the U.S.

to perform stand-up across occupied

Palestinian cities in 2015

This year, all seven comedians at this

now-annual festival were Palestinian

(Nihaya Ghoul Awdallah, Jerusalem resident)

"It was great show, some were better than others, but most of them are good, we thank them so much for bringing a beautiful smile to our faces and for allowing us to release our worries, our sadness and the difficult circumstances that we are in.”

(Comedian Amer Zahr)

“We also bring Palestinian and Arab American communities here to show that our people in American have not forgotten where we're from."