Jersey Shore Police Officer Races to Save Dog From House Fire

A police officer in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, raced to save a dog from a house fire on August 16, newly released footage shows, climbing on a patio chair atop a scaffold to rescue the imperiled pooch.

Footage released November 17 by the Atlantic Highlands Police Department shows patrolman Travis Sodon responding to “reports of an explosion and working structure fire” in the Jersey Shore town.

Bodycam video shows Sodon rushing to move a scaffold from the side of the house in an effort to reach a second-floor terrace to grab one of two dogs trapped in the residence.

The video shows Sodon use a chair on top of the scaffold to reach over a railing, as residents hold the scaffold and chair steady. He then quickly grabs the dog and hands it off to a resident.

According to police, firefighters quickly extinguished the fire and rescued the second dog from the rear of the house.

Police said Sodon will be presented with a meritorious service award at a later date to recognize his efforts. Credit: Atlantic Highlands Police Department via Storyful