New Jersey Police Chief Rescues Mother and Daughter From Frozen Passaic River

A mother and child were rescued from an icy Passaic River on Thursday, February 4, when Elmwood Park Police Chief Michael Foligno jumped into action.

A caller reported seeing the woman walking on the ice and falling through near the Elmwood Park Marina, a police spokesperson said, according to local media.

“I couldn’t sit still and do nothing," Foligno told Foligno said he had borrowed a kayak from a gas station across the street, but when he could not row it with a shovel, he laid on his stomach and clawed his way across the icy surface by hand to reach the woman and her daughter, staying with them for 25 minutes in the cold until the fire department arrived to help.

Footage from the shoreline shows firefighters pulling the woman and her two-year-old daughter across the frozen river with a sled rescue device. Credit: Boyd A. Loving via Storyful