New Jersey father suspected of killing family of four in murder-suicide

A New Jersey father is suspected of killing his family of four in a murder-suicide.

Two parents and two teenagers were dead on Sunday morning after a shooting, with law enforcement arriving at the home in Linden, New Jersey at around 9.30am.

When police arrived, one of the teenagers were still alive and was taken to Newark University Hospital, in critical condition, where they later succumbed to their injuries.

Police believe that the father shot his wife and kids before dying by suicide, NBC New York reported.

The teens were 13 and 14 years old, according to the mayor.

Officials have said that they think the gunman is among those found dead at the scene and that no further threat to the public exists.

In a statement late on Sunday night, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, a Democrat, said that “Linden is a strong community and we will support them however possible as they mourn and recover”.

Neighbours said the family were friendly and helpful, noting that they moved into the home in 2007.

Angel Montanez, 56, told the New York Post that “they’re a normal family. That’s why it’s impossible to believe”.

“They go camping every long weekend, with a trailer they hook up to their car. They recently renovated their kitchen and he invited me over to show it to me,” he added.

Mr Montanez said he would talk to the father about work as they both worked as electricians and the families would often take each other’s children to school.

“You never know what goes on behind closed doors, but I’m still shocked. The whole family’s gone,” he told the Post.

“Never would have thought when I dropped them off at school last week that that would be the last time I saw them,” his wife, Marianela Montanez, 47, said. “I just can’t believe it. They were normal children. They’d walk the dog, they’d swim in the pool. Now they’re gone, just like that.”

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