Jerry Seinfeld mocks latest pro-Palestinian protesters: 'Just gave more money to a Jew'

Jerry Seinfeld is hitting back as he continues to face interruptions from pro-Palestinian protesters.

The comedian, 70, responded on stage after hecklers shouted out at him during a stand-up performance Saturday in Melbourne, Australia, according to a video shared by 9News Melbourne.

Near the end of Seinfeld's performance, a group of protesters started chanting, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," according to

"You're back! They're back! The protesters are back!" said Seinfeld, who has been heckled by pro-Palestinian protesters at multiple recent shows. "I missed you."

Jerry Seinfeld mocked pro-Palestinian protesters who interrupted him during a recent stand-up show.
Jerry Seinfeld mocked pro-Palestinian protesters who interrupted him during a recent stand-up show.

As the audience booed the interruption, Seinfeld quipped, "Oh, you're not doing well."

The "Seinfeld" co-creator told the protesters they are "in the same business" as him of getting "people to see things the way we see it," but "the problem is, you're in the wrong place." He compared the protesters sending their message during his show to him performing comedy at a rugby game. "That's not where I belong," he said.

The comedian also joked that the protesters should "go back and tell whoever's running your organization, 'We just gave more money to a Jew.'"

Students walk out of Jerry Seinfeld's Duke commencement speech after comedian's support of Israel

Seinfeld recently mocked another pro-Palestinian heckler at a stand-up show in Sydney, calling the person a "moron."

"We have a genius, ladies and gentlemen," he sarcastically announced. "He solved the Middle East! He solved it. It's the Jewish comedians!"

In May, Seinfeld was also interrupted by numerous hecklers during a performance in Virginia, and video showed that one person stood up and shouted, "You're a genocide supporter!"

Jerry Seinfeld's comedy show interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters after Duke walkouts

That incident came after some attendees walked out of Seinfeld's commencement address at Duke University. The "Unfrosted" director has been supportive of Israel amid the war in Gaza and visited the country last year in the wake of Hamas' deadly Oct. 7 attack.

Jerry Seinfeld reacts to pro-Palestinian protesters: 'So dumb'

Seinfeld addressed his pro-Palestinian protesters on the "Honestly with Bari Weiss" podcast in May, saying he finds it "so dumb" that he has become politicized.

"I say to (people at my shows), 'I love that these young people, they're trying to get engaged with politics. We have to just correct their aim a little bit,'" he joked. "They don't seem to understand that, as comedians, we really don't control anything."

He added, "They want to express this sincere, intense rage, but again, a little off target."

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