Jerry Seinfeld Makes Bold Legal Claim About His New Pop-Tarts Movie

Jerry Seinfeld said he didn’t check with Kellogg’s before making a historical farce about its famous toaster pastry, the Pop-Tart ― and he didn’t tell the film’s streamer, Netflix. (Watch the video below.)

The claim shocked host Jimmy Kimmel into concern for Seinfeld’s possible legal jeopardy on Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Seinfeld wrote, directed and starred in “Unfrosted,” which debuts Friday on Netflix. It loosely chronicles the corporate race in the early ’60s to bring the toaster pastry to market.

Kimmel asked the “Seinfeld” legend if it was true that he didn’t consult with Kellogg’s before making the movie.

Seinfeld hemmed and hawed before saying, “No, I didn’t.”

Kimmel noted the possibility that an injunction could halt a project that already cost millions.

“It could happen,” Seinfeld replied. “But then I explained to them [Netflix] that if it does happen, think of the publicity that would be. We’ll be even bigger. The movie will be even bigger if I get hauled into court on Pop-Tart charges.”

Kimmel snidely compared Netflix’s lawyer to former Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

“We literally said, just write up a page that says it’s OK to make fun of stuff. First Amendment, parody rights — just throw a lot of that stuff in there,” Seinfeld said.

The sitcom legend added that a Netflix official initially asked him if he had the proper rights and clearances, to which Seinfeld said he answered, “Oh, absolutely.”

“They never checked.”

Fast-forward to 7:25 for the Kellogg’s segment:

Even if he’s fudging a little like some actual Pop-Tarts do, he’s Jerry Seinfeld for God’s sake. Besides, Kellanova, which is what Kellogg’s snack manufacturer is called now, appears to be on good terms with the comic despite the company acknowledging that it had no involvement in the movie. Seinfeld and the brand are partnering on a digital ad.

“Jerry is probably our biggest fan,” Oli Morton, the general manager of portable wholesome snacks at Kellanova, told Fast Company.