Jerry Seinfeld Cuts Down Another Pro-Palestinian Heckler At Australian Show: “You’re Giving Money To A Jew”

Jerry Seinfeld is working through his range of heckler put-downs after he was interrupted once more during his stand-up show in Australia on Saturday evening.

Last week, he was heckled by pro-Palestinian protestors at his gig in Sydney, where the comedian was called “a hack” and “a fraud” by people in the crowd.

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This weekend, he moved to Melbourne, where reports that hecklers interrupted the show 10 minutes from the end, chanting: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

The Australian news website quotes Seinfeld responding to the hecklers:

“Oh, you’re back. The protesters are back! I missed you,” before he addressed them directly:

“Listen, you and I are in the same business.

“Our business is to get people to see things the way we see it. The problem is, you’re in the wrong place. Do you hear how well I’m doing?”

Referencing the ticket prices for his show, Seinfeld added:

“I think you need to go back and tell whoever’s running your organisation, ‘We just gave more money to a Jew.

“That cannot be a good plan for you. That’s not what you want. That’s the whole problem. You have to come up with a better plan.”

Despite the string of incidents, Seinfeld was quoted by the website telling the country’s 7 News he was loving his time on the road Down Under.

As for the protestors, he suggested:

“I don’t care what your politics are, but go where things are political.

“This is where we go to, kind of, forget about politics. We all want to forget about it for a couple of hours. That’s the whole idea of the show. Forget about everything for a couple of hours.”

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