Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Maher Agree Trump Win Won’t Affect Them


Bill Maher said the times we live in are too “amazing” to worry about Donald Trump becoming president again. In the newest episode of his podcast Club Random, Maher sat down with Jerry Seinfeld, who most recently came under fire for accusing “the extreme left” of ruining sitcoms, to the delight of many conservative talking heads. And the Real Time host will probably extend his right-wing bonafides as well with his latest comments.

Even though “climate change is probably gonna get us at some point” and “there’s lots of things going on behind the scenes that are horrible” in the world, Maher says “we live in the most amazing fucking times”—so much so that he doesn’t mind if Trump becomes president again: “I’m not gonna go nuts again if he wins another term.”

Climate change hasn’t gotten us “yet,” Maher said, “We walked out here today [and] we weren't like, evaporated by the rays of the sun or something. It was a beautiful day. The grass is green. The sky is blue.” He went on to say that while he acknowledges that “there's lots of poisons everywhere and lots of terrible things,” he’s realized with age that these are wonderful times. “Trump could do this, and democracy, and blah, blah, blah—nuclear war,” he added, but “I’m not gonna fucking go nuts a again, if he wins another term. I just can’t.”

“I’m not gonna lose my nervous system about Trump again,” Maher added. “If he ends the world, he is gonna end the world.”

Instead of pushing back, Seinfeld simply laughed along and indicated that he too is trying to stay even keeled about the prospect of Trump’s return to office.

“Or you can get anxious like a millennial,” Maher added.

“Exactly,” Seinfeld said, before letting out a comical “ugh” when Maher brought up Gen Z.

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What Maher does not acknowledge is that he’s probably experiencing the world a lot differently than Americans who aren’t white, male, rich and famous—the same people who are mostly likely to be adversely affected by a second Trump win. He had some choice words for his privileged buddies who acknowledge this, however.

“I had dinner with people and they're like, ‘Oh, the world’s ending,’” he continued. “Look around you, you fuck, you dumbass. We’re at this fucking awesome restaurant, they're bringing you this food, this dinners gonna cost $700 and [you’re not] even gonna fucking blink and pay the check. Shut the fuck up about how terrible things are.”

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