Jerry Jeudy

Fearless Forecast: 1030 TOTAL YDS, 71 REC, 4 TD
Projected Rank: 31

Video transcript


MATT HARMON: I think Jerry Jeudy is the most difficult wide receiver-- frankly, the most difficult pass catcher to project for the Denver Broncos this year. Look, we know that the Denver Broncos are getting a huge quarterback upgrade in Russell Wilson. But I think Jerry Jeudy-- Courtland Sutton, too, to a degree. Jerry Jeudy's just tough to project this year because he didn't play his best ball last year.

I mean, even when you isolate him as an individual, he wasn't separating the same. He obviously didn't produce, didn't score any touchdowns last year. We know that's a problem. But I do think at the same time, you got to write some of that off due to the high ankle sprain. That clearly was affecting him his entire year. He couldn't get open on slant routes. There was just a real lack of explosion from Jerry Jeudy last year, but I think that's explained by the high ankle sprain.

Because when you look at what he did as a rookie, that's an exciting player. I think the biggest question for Jerry Jeudy is we need confirmation on where he's going to line up this year. I don't want to see Jerry Jeudy being like a short area slot receiver or anything like that. I want him to be the outside vertical threat flanker. I think that's the way he best projects in this offense.

So keep an eye all throughout the offseason of where is he going to line up. Is he going to be a slot receiver or is Tim Patrick going to be their slot receiver? And is Jerry Jeudy going to play in three-receiver sets? Or is he going to make his way into two-receiver sets? Because that will be the key to unlocking his upside.

Right now, I'm a little lower than ADP on Jerry Jeudy because I think the Russell Wilson bump has gotten too factored into his upside this year. I've got him for just over 70 catches. Really concerned about the touchdown column. Right now, he's my wide receiver 31.

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