Jeremy Renner Says Filming His Silk Super Bowl Ad with Daughter Ava Was a 'Beacon of Hope' After Accident (Exclusive)

Jeremy Renner caught up with PEOPLE on set of his "Feel Planty Good" Super Bowl commercial for Silk

<p>Jennifer Clasen</p> Jeremy Renner and Ava Renner on the set of their Super Bowl ad.

Jennifer Clasen

Jeremy Renner and Ava Renner on the set of their Super Bowl ad.

Jeremy Renner is feelin’ good — and he’s got the moves to prove it!

The Oscar-nominated star caught up with PEOPLE on the set of his upcoming Silk Super Bowl commercial, where he dances, leaps and roundhouse kicks his way through a very important task: making breakfast for his 10-year-old daughter Ava.

“It’s her first job ever! [We] put her to work early,” Renner jokes of casting his real-life daughter.

While filming the "Feel Planty Good" spot on a sunny Saturday at a rented home in Los Angeles, Renner, clad in a cozy bathrobe, got to work in the kitchen, singing James Brown's 1965 hit "I Got You (I Feel Good)" while whipping up a breakfast of champions for Ava.

For Renner, 53, the chance to partner with Silk on the high-profile spot (the company's first-ever Super Bowl ad) was a no-brainer, as he’s a fan of the plant-based milk brand, and used it to make protein shakes while recovering from his 2023 snowplow accident.

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<p>Jennifer Clasen</p> Jeremy Renner on the set of his new Silk Super Bowl 2024 commercial.

Jennifer Clasen

Jeremy Renner on the set of his new Silk Super Bowl 2024 commercial.

“[Silk is] all about wellness, and I’ve gotten pretty into that because it’s forced upon me as a part of a lifestyle, which is great,” he says. “I’ve become so healthy now.”

The Hawkeye star has made incredible strides since Jan. 1, 2023, when he was crushed by a massive snowplow while helping a family member near his home in Nevada. The actor spent more than two weeks in the hospital after breaking more than 30 bones, and underwent multiple surgeries.

A year later, he’s back in action, and Renner — who earlier this month released an album inspired by his recovery — says the chance to do stunts in a commercial is just the latest benchmark on his healing journey.

“I still don’t believe it, that it’s even really transpired. There’s some sort of milestones that give me confidence, and this is probably another one of them,” he says. “I never would’ve tried or attempted any of these types of moves, or dancing around like James Brown on a countertop. I did everything, and it felt good and didn’t hurt too much the next day. I’m happy to have to be tested to try it, but to be honest, there’s a lot of hesitancy, and it’s baby steps for me in this deal.”

<p>Matt Winkelmeyer/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty </p> Jeremy Renner and his daughter Ava attend the Rennervations premiere in April.

Matt Winkelmeyer/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty

Jeremy Renner and his daughter Ava attend the Rennervations premiere in April.

Still, the chance to make a public declaration of physical fitness was one he was especially happy to do with Ava, whom he shares with ex-wife Sonni Pacheco, by his side.

“It’s a beacon of hope for me and for my daughter as well, and this is a new part of our journey together in recovery and in life,” he says. “Getting back into life in a different way, out of a hospital bed, out of the house, being social, just doing normal things. It represents a lot to me, and I’m very thankful to be here to do this.”

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Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Jeremy Renner in April.
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Jeremy Renner in April.

With his Super Bowl commercial now filmed and ready to go, Renner can focus on the actual Super Bowl, which he hopes will feature his beloved San Francisco 49ers. (The team will take on the Detroit Lions on Sunday to determine who makes it to the final showdown on Feb. 11.)

“I am over the moon about it. It’s a very good chance for us and we’ve got a great squad and we’re healthy,” he says of his team’s odds of winning. “It’s pretty awesome. I don’t have a plan B. There is no plan B. That means you’re planning to fail. And it’s the same thing in my career — I never planned on doing anything else. There is no failing, and same with recovery. It’s like if I was to plan on dying. I’m getting better, you know what I mean? It’s just sort of an attitude I have. So with the Niners, they’re not going to lose. Don’t have to plan for that.”

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