Jeremy Renner’s Nephew Does ‘Avengers’ Impression of His Uncle in Sweet Recovery Message (Video)

If laughter is the best medicine, Jeremy Renner’s nephew Auggie is certainly doing his part to help his actor uncle recover from the injuries he sustained in a snow plow accident on New Years’ Day.

On Friday, the “Avengers” star shared a handwritten letter and accompanying video he received from Auggie. In the short clip (captioned “My nephew had more to share with his ‘Not dead uncle'” on Instagram), he does an impression of Renner’s signature smolder.

“So, Uncle Jeremy… I can do the thing that you do with your eyebrow,” he says, looking straight into the camera and raising his left eyebrow.

His parents can be heard cracking up in the background as he asks, “Is that the thing? That it?”

“100%. That’s what it is,” his mom confirms.

In the note posted on Renner’s Instagram story, Auggie wrote that he “is very lucky because my uncle is hawk-eye (witch is one of the Avengers). I am also very lucky that my uncle is alive from his accident.”

“Love my little man. Bless you Auggie,” Renner added to the photo with prayer hand and heart emojis.

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According to a report obtained by CNN, Renner was trying to stop the vehicle from sliding and slamming into another nephew when he was pulled underneath it. He was left in critical condition after suffering “blunt chest trauma” and breaking more than 30 bones, necessitating two different surgeries. In late January, he was released from the hospital and has since been recovering from home.

The 52-year-old has been dutifully updating fans on his recovery and promoting his show “Mayor of Kingsttown” on social media. Season 2 of the drama premiered Sunday, Jan. 15 on Paramount+.

His Disney+ series “Rennervations,” in which he upcycles decommissioned military vehicles into community-serving creations, will debut on April 12.

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