Jeremy Hunt disputes Martin Lewis claim he was told about Budget detail before parliament

Jeremy Hunt has disputed a claim from Martin Lewis that he was told about a change to the high-income child benefit charge before it was announced in the Budget.

The chancellor confirmed last Wednesday that the threshold will be raised from £50,000 to £60,000 and the taper will extend up to £80,000, lifting 170,000 families out of paying the charges altogether.

After the news was announced in the House of Commons, Mr Lewis posted a statement on social media website X.

“WE GOT THE WIN ON CHILD BENEFIT! Chancellor tipped me off before budget,” he wrote.

Mr Hunt was asked about the tweet as he appeared in front of the Treasury Committee on Wednesday 13 March and said the campaigner was not told before parliament was.

Mr Lewis also responded to the exchange, saying that he wanted to “clear things up”.

He said he shared a phone call with the chancellor on the morning of the Budget, but “did not know there would be a change of threshold” until he heard it in the budget.