Jennifer Yu dismisses rumours of rift with Bosco Wong

5 Jun – Both Bosco Wong and Jennifer Yu have recently dismissed rumours of rift between them, reportedly caused by the latter's rejection of the former.

As reported on Mingpao, tabloids recently claimed that Bosco had been pursuing Jennifer while the two of them worked on last year's action series "Flying Tiger 2", despite rumours that he was dating actress Rose Chan.

However, Jennifer reportedly turned his advances down and even notified Rose about Bosco's intention, causing a conflict between the two of them.

Angered by the actress' action, Bosco reportedly ignored Jennifer throughout the rest of production and declined to attend promotional events with her.

However, when asked about it, Jennifer dismissed the rumours as fake, saying that she didn't have a lot of scenes with Bosco in the first place and was not in contact with the actor outside of filming.

"I don't know how this rumour came about," she added.

As for Bosco, the actor said that the rumour was boring and that everybody worked well with each other.

(Photo Source: Jennifer Yu Instagram)