Jennifer Lopez twirls in a black string bikini, declares, 'Summer mode: activated'

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Jennifer Lopez is ready for summer.

The singer and actress, 51, recently took to Instagram to show off all her curves in a gorgeous black bikini and Versace sunglasses — and her fans couldn’t get enough of what she was throwing them.

“Summer mode: activated,” Lopez wrote on Instagram, also sending followers to a link in her bio about teaming up with Virgin Voyages to give away 1,000 free cruises.

In addition to bringing an endless supply of flame emojis, Lopez’s post welcomed an array of positive feedback. “Gorgeous queen,” one commenter wrote, with another noting, “My sunshine.”

“I’m crying, you’re too gorgeous,” a fan added.

“I'm absolutely crazy about you,” another wrote.

Recently, the ageless beauty opened up about one of the most successful — and underrated — beauty secrets: sleep. In an excerpt from her newsletter, "On the JLo," the singer opened up about the importance of getting enough shut-eye.

"We don’t value sleep," Lopez, who recently became engaged to Ben Affleck, wrote. "We value grinding and working hard — and admittedly, nobody gets caught up in that rat race more than me. I've found however, that sleep to me is the most underrated beauty secret out there."

“There was a time in my life where I used to sleep 3 to 5 hours a night," she added. "I'd be on set all day and in the studio all night and doing junkets and filming videos on the weekends. I was in my late 20s and I thought I was invincible... as I slept more and took care of myself, I realized it was about pro-living versus anti-aging."

"I think of sleep like a little time machine," Lopez continued. "You lay down and you go into a space where you preserve yourself and then you come out a new, younger person than you were before. Sometimes I wake up and say, 'Wow! I just lost 10 years off my face!' That's what a good night's sleep can do for you, and it accumulates over time."

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