Jennifer Lopez "Likes" Post About Unhealthy Relationships Amid Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors

The couple hasn't been seen together since March.

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The internet has been swirling with rumors that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck might be experiencing trouble in paradise. Chronically online sleuths have pointed to the fact that the couple hasn't been photographed together for 47—now 48—days. And it looks like Lopez herself is adding fuel to the fire.

<p>@yourcourageouscomeback Instagram</p>

@yourcourageouscomeback Instagram

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In a cryptic move, the "On the Floor" singer (or her P.R. team, who knows?) liked an Instagram post about relationship red flags. The post's cover slide, shared by personal coach Lenna Marsak (@yourcourageouscomeback), reads, "You cannot build a healthy relationship with someone who..." and lists "lacks integrity & emotional safety," "doesn't respect your time, doesn't think it's important to call/text back in a respectable time frame," "lacks effective communication skills=silent treatment, withdraws, refuses to communicate unless it's on their terms," and "doesn't know who they are or what they want" in the slides that follow. Each instance is accompanied by an explanation of why.

While this is by no means confirmation that the couple's marriage is on the rocks or they're heading toward divorce, it does raise some already concerned eyebrows.

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The last time the celebrity couple was spotted together was all the way back on March 30, when they went apartment hunting in New York City. The Gone Girl actor was noticeably missing from the Met Gala, at which Lopez served as one of the co-chairs. They could just be busy, as Lopez has been working on a new project, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and Affleck is filming Accountant 2; however, fans will remember their romance fell through the cracks the first time around. The two dated from 2002 to 2004, during which they were engaged and called it off. They reunited in 2021 and got married in July 2022.

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