Jennifer Lopez just showed her natural short curly hair

Laura Capon
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Photo credit: Toni Anne Barson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Toni Anne Barson - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

It was only yesterday that we were writing about Jennifer Lopez's transformation into a real life Bratz doll.

With her thigh-length tumbling blonde waves she was giving us some serious hair envy, but the singer has already switched it up again. This time sharing her natural hair texture... which will make you just as, if not more so envious.

For those of us in England who can't remember what a beach looks like, you might want to stop reading now, because the backdrop for Jennifer's latest Instagram video was white sand and blue sea.

*Stares out of grey, rainy window*

Wearing a red triangle bikini and monogrammed robe - to be fair if we were Jlo we would spell it out in diamantes as well - Jen looked super relaxed and happy.

However, it was actually her hair that caught our attention because if you've been debating a shag cut all year, Jlo just so happens to have one naturally.

Life really isn't fair is it.

Rocking her natural mop of mid-length tousled curls, Jennifer looked absolutely beautiful and should be a poster child for trying TikTok's curly hair method.

Seriously, what we'd give for that natural texture and volume.

Whilst our first Monday back at work looked a little different to Jlo's, we're going to take inspiration from her post and start our day afresh with some daily affirmations.

Repeat after us, "I will have curls like Jlo, I will have curls like Jlo"

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