Jennifer Lopez Gave Shakira a Lesson in Booty Shaking During Super Bowl Rehearsals

Chelsey Sanchez

From Harper's BAZAAR

  • On Instagram yesterday, Jennifer Lopez posted never-before-seen footage from her 2020 Super Bowl rehearsals with Shakira.
  • In one video, J.Lo gives her fellow pop star a lesson in booty shaking, revealing that her mom showed her how to properly do the moves when she was four years old.
  • J.Lo and Shakira performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show this past February.

Remember the Super Bowl? Crowds, active sports, the ability to leave your house? In a post to Instagram yesterday, featuring a series of never-before-seen rehearsal videos, Jennifer Lopez reminded us all that her iconic 2020 halftime show with Shakira was just three short months ago.

"I can't believe it's already been 3 months since the #SuperBowlLIV #Halftime Show! ✨🏈✨," she wrote in the caption. "So much has happened since then, but I wanted to share a fun peek behind the scenes at our first rehearsal with the dancers and @Shakira❤️."

In one of the videos, J.Lo gives her fellow performer a mini tutorial on how she shakes her own booty (not that the "Hips Don't Lie" singer needs any help in that department). "I do it with my knees. I shake my knees," she says, as Shakira examines her stance. J.Lo continues, "My mom taught me that when I was four."

Other videos show precious footage from a now-nearly forgotten time: a stage crowded with backup dancers, J.Lo mounting a pole, applause echoing in the rehearsal space.

In a separate post, the Hustlers star ruminated on the state of affairs today, as ordinary life is put on pause amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"In this time, when it's so easy to get down and think of all the things going wrong and what we don’t have and don’t know the answers to... I make it a habit to say three things I’m grateful for as soon as I open my eyes and then at night when I’m lying in bed I list three good things out loud that happened that day," she wrote in her caption. "Could be anything... and I try to change them so they are not the same everyday. Stay positive and stay safe."

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