Jennifer Lawrence says she ‘violently’ threw up at No Hard Feelings event after viral Hot Ones interview

Jennifer Lawrence had an unfortunate (if unsurprising) physical reaction to her recent Hot Ones appearance.

The YouTube interview series hosted by Sean Evans sees celebrities answer questions while eating progressively spicier chicken wings.

Lawrence’s episode, released on 22 June, quickly went viral as the Hunger Games star, 32, sobbed her way through the challenge.

Lawrence has now revealed that she “violently” threw up after the interview, which took place on the same day as a press junket for her new sex comedy, No Hard Feelings.

“I passionately threw up after. Violently,” Lawrence told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

“I made it upstairs to my suite. My holding suite,” Lawrence said. “We shot at the Four Seasons downstairs [during the No Hard Feelings press junket]. My stomach gave me, like, eight minutes to get upstairs and then she… She… [vomited].”

Jennifer Lawrence reacts to eating the spiciest chicken wing in the Hot Ones line-up (Hot Ones/YouTube)
Jennifer Lawrence reacts to eating the spiciest chicken wing in the Hot Ones line-up (Hot Ones/YouTube)

Tears and snot began running down Lawrence’s face after she ate the spiciest hot sauce in the line-up: Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce, which has a rating of 135,600 Scoville Heat Units.

As she tried to grapple with the heat, she took sips from other glasses in front of her while crying: “I don’t know what to do, nothing helps! Is my face OK?”

In No Hard Feelings, Lawrence plays Maddie – an Uber driver who, after losing her license, answers a Craigslist ad from two parents looking for someone to have sex with their geeky, 19-year-old son before he goes to college.

In a three-star review of the film for The Independent, critic Clarisse Loughrey wrote: “[No Hard Feelings] certainly feels like one of the first times we’ve ever seen a film actually attempt to capture the appeal of Jennifer Lawrence, the celebrity: confident, but a little gawky. She’s the head cheerleader if she actually turned out to be nice.”

Elsewhere in the Watch What Happens Live interview, Lawrence shut down rumours that she would appear in The Hunger Games prequel.

No Hard Feelings is now showing in the UK.