Jennifer Garner and Her Mom Demonstrate the ‘Grandmom Corn’ Recipe That Jennifer ‘Grew Up on’ and Her Kids Now Love

"It tastes like summer," Garner said of the recipe, adding that although she often makes it for her kids they prefer the dish be made by "the queen herself"

<p>Jennifer Garner/Instagram</p> Jennifer Garner and her mom Pat

Jennifer Garner/Instagram

Jennifer Garner and her mom Pat

Corn is a special side dish in Jennifer Garner's household.

The actress, 52, shared a cooking video of a creamed corn recipe that her kids have dubbed "Grandmom Corn." As the name suggests, her mom Patricia Ann "Pat" Garner is responsible for the delicious dish — so she joined Jennifer for the Instagram posted on Sunday, June 2.

"Grandmom Corn 🌽 My sisters and I grew up on this corn, it tastes like summer," Garner captioned her "Pretend Cooking Show" clip.

"I make mine without sugar and it seems to go down just fine, although of course my kids prefer when it is made by the queen herself. We love Grandmom," she added.

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The mother-daughter duo team up to make a variation of the creamed corn, which was first adapted by Pat, 86, from a neighbor named Marge Aldredge. (Aldredge is credited in a shoutout and the caption.)

Their demonstration is complete with sweet banter and footage of Pat throwing corn cobs into her West Virginia backyard "for the bears."

In one of the opening clips, the Alias alum nervously and lovingly chastised Pat as she cuts corn off the cob: "Mom? Mom? You're not supposed to cut toward yourself."

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<p>Jennifer Garner/Instagram</p> Pat throwing cobs to bears

Jennifer Garner/Instagram

Pat throwing cobs to bears

"Well, you cut it then!" Pat replied admitting that that's the only way she does it.

Jennifer eventually took over the duty, telling Pat, "I don't question you mom except that all of America's worried about you right now. And a lot of the U.K. And Brazil and other places."

She also confessed to her mother that while watching her prep the corn, she realized she had been making the dish wrong "for the past 18 years of parenting," Instead of using only the tips of the kernels to ensure tenderness (as Pat does), she had been cutting off whole kernels.

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Even still, Jennifer said her kids — Violet, 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12, whom she shares with ex Ben Affleck — request the corn dish often.

Jennifer and Pat discuss seasoning the dish and whether Pat has actually ever seen a bear enjoy the cobs she throws over the hill. (She has not but she wishes she had.)

"This is very good, thank you mom," Jennifer said at the end of the episode, enjoying a bowl of creamed corn.

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<p>Jennifer Garner Instagram</p> Jennifer Garner (R) and her mom Pat.

Jennifer Garner Instagram

Jennifer Garner (R) and her mom Pat.

Jennifer has been spending a lot of quality time with Pat since her father William died at the age of 85 in March. Over Memorial Day Weekend in May, Jennifer took Pat to visit her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which both of her parents watched her receive in 2018.

“It’s still there,” she wrote over a photo of her feet on the star in her Instagram Stories. She also took pictures of Pat standing on the star.

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