Jennifer Coolidge channels action hero in ‘campy’ photoshoot for W Magazine: ‘Best shoot ever’

It’s only March, and Jennifer Coolidge has already been crowned as having the best celebrity photoshoots of the year.

On Wednesday 1 March, W Magazine revealed The White Lotus actor as its final cover star for the magazine’s Directors Issue. As part of the annual issue – which pairs actors and directors for themed editorial shoots – Coolidge teamed up with dynamic duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the directors of the Oscar-nominated film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

The photoshoot sees Coolidge dressed up in a variety of funky, colourful, and all-around eccentric outfits as she towers 50-feet over a city and poses as a Power Rangers villain. The cover shoot, titled “Jennifer Coolidge vs. Haute Squad 5: Attack on Neo Runway City—Jennifer Reborn,” is inspired by tokusatsu, a Japanese style of live-action cinema that makes heavy use of practical effects.

The “iconic” cover, which was photographed by Lenne Chai, shows the Legally Blonde star seemingly claiming victory as she clangs two metal swords together. Coolidge, who is wearing a custom black and pink bow dress from Bad Binch TongTong, is seen puckering her lips and staring directly at the camera.

Another image sees Coolidge dressed in a Valentino Haute Couture coat and gloves while destroying the city at her feet, à la Godzilla. Even co-director Daniel Scheinert joined in on the photoshoot when he slipped on a crustacean-like ensemble to play Coolidge’s nemesis.

“What is it about lobster claws that I’m so attracted to?” Coolidge told the magazine.

In another vignette, Coolidge stars as a Power Rangers evil villain trying to defeat the four action heroes.

“I’ve never been asked to do a shoot like this: I have weapons, take down small cities, pick up cars and throw them,” Coolidge said. “I don’t know if I will ever be this surprised again. It was one of the best things I have ever been involved in.”

The creative photoshoot instantly received praise from fans after it was shared to social media on Wednesday.

“Jennifer Coolidge for W Mag directed by DANIELS has to be the one of the best photo shoots of 2023 so far,” read one tweet from a fan.

“This may be the greatest photo shoot I have ever seen omg,” another wrote.

“She is a campy queen,” joked someone else, while one person tweeted: “With no hyperbole I say this is the absolute best photo shoot in history”

Meanwhile on Instagram, the love for the “epic” cover shoot continued when one fan wrote under W Magazine’s post: “Best shoot ever”

“I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing this cover really hits me,” another Instagram user said.

“She ate and left no crumbs,” commented someone else.

The print issue of W Magazine’s Directors Issue Volume Two will be on stands 14 March.