Jennifer Aniston slammed for pandemic-themed Christmas tree bauble

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Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images

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Jennifer Aniston is facing backlash on Twitter after she shared a picture of a pandemic-themed Christmas tree bauble, causing a big debate to break-out on social media.

Earlier this week Friends star Jennifer Aniston shared a picture to her story showing her new tree ornament; a wooden bauble carved with the words, "Our first pandemic 2020." Quickly, people took to social media to share their feelings about the sarcastic ornament, with many of them saying it was out of touch and insensitive, while others defended the Horrible Bosses actor.

The backlash began when one Twitter user posted a screengrab of her story along with the caption, "Jennifer please."

Quickly, people began responding to the tweet. One person said, "celebrities really live in a different world," and another said, "what was the reason??? plus she acting like we gonna have another one? “our first” miss girl it better be our LAST." While in a lengthy tweet another person said, "Just because u like a celebrity, doesn’t mean u should not hold them accountable. I’m sorry but that’s so insensitive to put an ornament saying 'pandemic 2020'. Innocent lives were lost because of this pandemic. We’re not going to celebrate this shit. Do better Jennifer Aniston."

Meanwhile others defended Aniston, saying that she has been vocal about the importance of wearing masks and has used her Instagram to support local businesses throughout the pandemic. One fan tweeted, "jen aniston was one of the few celebrities that used her platform to ask people to support small businesses all around the US during christmas eve (while others were busy posting their fancy dinners) and she really got hate over ONE ornament? what??"

Aniston has not yet commented publicly on the controversy.

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