Jenna Lyons Talks Fashion in Film and Her Favorite Oscar Dress

Jenna Lyons, the former creative director and president of J. Crew, is now a reality show star. HBO Max’s “Stylish With Jenna Lyons” follows her as she builds her design firm while hosting a competition to find her new employees. Variety checked in with Lyons ahead of the series’ Dec. 3 premiere to find out some of her favorite fashion moments on film.

Favorite fashion in film: The first time I saw “Belle de Jour,” it made me want to run to the hairdresser, wear thick black eyeliner, granny shoes, silk stockings and a trench coat. Catherine Deneuve is breathtakingly beautiful, poised, with a certain darkness to her.

I also recently rewatched “To Catch a Thief.” Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are absolute visual magic. Grant’s effortless grace and style made me appreciate menswear in a way I hadn’t before.

Favorite film that takes place in the fashion world: “Unzipped.” I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Isaac Mizrahi on several occasions and am somewhat close to his orbit through Parsons. Watching him share the behind-the-scenes of his life and friends and humor and approach to fashion was magic. It made me fall in love with him.

Also “Signe Chanel.” It was one of my favorite films on Chanel. I shared it with my entire team when I was at J.Crew.

Hottest men’s fashion in a film: Robert Redford in “Out of Africa.” Nothing like a beautiful sandy/blonde man and 8 million shades of khaki with a backdrop of sand dunes and sweat. It worked for me.

Film looks you’d love to own: Michelle Pfeiffer in “Scarface” and Sharon Stone in “Casino.” Old-school sexy, over-the-top glamour.

Celebrity fashion icon: Cate Blanchett is the ultimate chameleon. She can wear intensely feminine without looking sweet. She can wear a men’s suit while still maintaining a softness. She can handle big volume and ruffles and a slip dress. She manages to always look unique without following the pack.

Favorite Oscar look: All-time favorite is Lupita Nyong’o in that stunning, plunging Prada v-neck dress in powder blue in 2014. She glowed. It was perfection.

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