This ‘Jellyfishbot’ eats trash in the sea

This robot eats trash on the sea

Jellyfishbot (arrow)

Location: Cassis, France

The remote-controlled electric powered boat

gobbles up plastic bags, discarded drinks bottles

and used surgical masks floating on the water

(SOUNDBITE) (French) CEO AND FOUNDER OF IADYS, NICOLAS CARLESI, SAYING: "It has the ability to weave in and out everywhere. Why? Because the rubbish remains on the water's surface and it is pushed by the wind towards small corners, behind boats, so in order to access those places in which almost all the trash is concentrated, we designed this robot to be as compact as possible. It measures 70 centimetres in length, 70 centimetres wide, and it can go everywhere."

The Jellyfishbot is in operation at around 15 French ports

and has been exported to countries like Singapore, Japan and Norway

Around 600,000 tonnes of plastic end up in the Mediterranean Sea yearly

Source: WWF's 2019 report

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