Jelly Lin Yun admits feeling intimidated by Stephen Chow

10 Sep – Although being cast as a lead in a Stephen Chow movie is an honour for any actor, Chinese actress Jelly Lin Yun admitted that there was a time that she was frightened of the comedy auteur.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who appeared on Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai's variety show, "Truth Everything 2", revealed that she was very nervous the first time she worked with Stephen in 2016's "The Mermaid", as the director has a certain expectation for his actors.

"He was very intimidating. If he thought I did well, he would smile. But if he thought that it wasn't good enough, his expression will change instantly," she said.

Lin also admitted that Stephen has a knack for going off-script, which made it difficult for a new star like her.

"I always make it a habit to follow the script every time and refer to it. One time, Stephen decided to tear the script and crumpled it. It really frightened me," she said.

Lin stated that the incident really affected her, adding, "Since then, I didn't dare to look at the script again."

As to why the "King of Comedy" star tore the script, Lin said that Stephen prefers actors to perform freely rather than limit themselves to the script.

In the same interview, Lin admitted that she has also filmed "The Mermaid 2", and that the movie is currently awaiting its release date.

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