Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture is putting its own merch on sale … finally

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Blue Origin mug
A heavy-lift coffee mug is among the items for sale via Blue Origin’s online store. (Blue Origin Photo)

Considering the fact that Blue Origin was founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, you’d think that the Seattle-area space venture would be one of the pioneers in online merchandise sales.

But the company has just now opened its online store to the general public, offering Blue-branded apparel, caps and accessories such as water bottles, coffee mugs and luggage tags. And yes, you can use Amazon Pay to handle the order (or not, if that’s your preference).

This comes years after Elon Musk’s SpaceX began selling merchandise online. Blue Origin could still learn a few lessons from SpaceX when it comes to the merch department: SpaceX’s inventory includes lots more stuff, from the low end (sticker assortments) to the midrange (model rockets, posters and branded tumblers) to the premium selections (soft-shell jackets).

To be fair, employees at Blue Origin’s headquarters in Kent, Wash., can choose from an in-house selection that’s wider than what the public gets to see. One executive, for example, is known for his stylish Blue Origin socks.

If you’re hankering to buy a scale-model New Glenn rocket or Blue Moon lunar lander, Blue Origin’s online store can’t hook you up quite yet. But there’s some promising news on that front nevertheless: Last week, a proposed Lego minifig set — including New Glenn and Blue Moon as well as rovers, a satellite and a launch tower — won the 10,000 votes required to be considered for manufacturing and marketing through the Lego Ideas program.

The coronavirus pandemic has put a crimp in Blue Origin’s rocket development plans, but who knows? Perhaps by the time New Glenn is flying in 2021 or so, I’ll be able to order the New Glenn Lego set from Blue Origin’s online store.

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