Jealous horse sneaks up and bites Clydesdale getting all the attention

These beautiful horses enjoy their time in the fresh air and sunshine, even in the winter. They also enjoy a little companionship and attention from their human friends. But when one horse seems to be getting all the attention, the other horses can be prone to jealousy, just like people.

It was a quiet, crisp winter day and these Clydesdales and other horses were in the paddock enjoying some fresh hay. Blue was nibbling away and getting some patting from Dave. Harry and Dave are usually pretty chummy so it appears that he didn't like the idea of being left out.

Harry snuck up quietly and gave Blue a little bite on the back. Dave didn't see this, but he did notice that Blue was suddenly uncomfortable and that she was getting up. Dave moved away to avoid the giant hooves of this gentle, but very powerful animal. As she backed up and gave Harry a threatening display of massive legs and hooves angled toward him, Harry decided it was time to leave.

Dave hadn't seen the bite and he assumed that Blue was just a little grumpy about Harry being behind her. But watching the video later, it was clear what really happened. Harry was the instigator and Blue wasn't backing down from his aggression. She generously let the matter go after Harry took off and she returned to eating her hay.

Clydesdales are one of the most massive animals in North America. Second only to a bull moose, they can weigh over 2,000lbs and stand as high as a grown man at the shoulder. Powerful and fearless, they are awe inspiring creatures. No other animal, even a horse would escape without injury if one of these great beasts kicked and connected with the full force of a hind leg. Luckily for Harry, horses are social animals and although they have established pecking orders in their herds, it is not their nature to intentionally harm another creature.

Perhaps it is the combination of their immense power and gentle nature that inspires such admiration and awe for these animals.