JD.com beats forecasts amid online boom

China's e-commerce boom keeps rolling.

And that's helping JD.com.

The online giant beat forecasts in the second quarter, with net revenue jumping 26% to just over $39 billion.

The number of active customer accounts rose even more, rising over 27%.

JD was boosted by its strategy of holding inventory and having full control of its in-house delivery network.

That helped it compete against larger rival Alibaba, which outsources all delivery operations.

JD was also lifted by expanded partnerships with global brands.

Luxury titan LVMH was among those to step up work with the firm.

Others including Estee Lauder launched flagship stores on the JD platform.

Analysts will have one eye on Beijing, however.

China's watchdogs have recently been cracking down on the country's tech leaders.

Companies in e-commerce, ride hailing and gaming have already felt the effects.

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