Jason2 makes his biggest mistake yet in exclusive “Dark Matter ”clip

Jason2 makes his biggest mistake yet in exclusive “Dark Matter ”clip

Will Daniela figure out the truth?

The world of Dark Matter is complicated, to say the least. Thanks to a special box, people can travel to alternate realities, which is the very reason why Jason2 (Joel Edgerton) is currently living Jason's (also Edgerton) life while "the real" Jason struggles to get back to his family. Confused yet?

But in the upcoming sixth episode of the series, Jason2 makes a move that could blow his cover. Because even though Jason2 thought that he was prepared to take over Jason's life when he sent the original one back to his world, the fact of the matter is: This is not his world. He did not choose Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) all those years ago, and they never had Charlie (Oakes Fegley).

<p>Apple TV+</p> Joel Edgerton in 'Dark Matter'

Apple TV+

Joel Edgerton in 'Dark Matter'

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That all comes to light in a new exclusive clip when Jason2 offers his "son" ice cream, completely unaware of his nut allergy.

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The question now becomes: Could Daniela piece together that this isn't her Jason? Or will Charlie realize it's not his dad? The average brain doesn't jump to a body swap, so it is a bit more complex than that, but one thing is certain: Jason never would've made that mistake. Watch the full clip above.

New episodes of Dark Matter hit Apple TV+ on Wednesdays.

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