Jason Gardiner on his Dancing On Ice exit, his new life in nature, and his return to panto this year

Choreographer and talent show judge Jason Gardiner chats to Kate about his very public exit from Dancing On Ice in 2019, and how the pandemic lead to him rebuilding his life in nature, as a permaculture designer.

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Video transcript

JASON GARDINER: Unfortunately, I spent a lot of my life being pigeonholed, being labeled, you're a dancer. You're a Western performer. You're a choreographer. You're an ice skating judge. You're a bitch on TV.

All these kinds of labels then define you. And even if you don't agree with a lot of them, they define who you are.

I haven't really spoken about a lot that went on with "Dancing on Ice." I was very encouraged by the producers to keep doing what you're doing because you're bringing in the viewers. You're also bringing in the press. So I was in a very difficult position of getting abused for doing what I was doing and then getting praised by the producers to continue to do it. And then when things got too hot, they would drop me.

When you have heavyweights like Piers Morgan berating you on national TV, the fall-over from that-- I was getting more death threats. Those kind of things, you start worrying about when you're a public figure. And then it becomes this paranoia. And I thought, I've got to stop this.

And that's what has been great about this past two years is I feel like I've slowly rebuilt myself where I feel more secure and solid within myself, with who I am, what I'm doing. And I feel this profound sense of connection to nature that is very nurturing, much more nurturing than the entertainment industry, I can assure you.


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